Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Absolution of Ambition

We all want a little too much. Whether it's from others or our own life. The yearning to attain something to call our own is our ambition. Ambition goes beyond money, power and fame. It is the desire for a goal. Any goal.

We lose ourselves waiting for the safer ride, a comfortable life. Accepting the sadness and limited scope of our lives, people are equally scared of failing, as much as they're afraid to fly. Flying requires conscious effort and the dedication to land safely. Ambition requires passion and the eagerness to achieve what you want to.

Ambition is not just wanting two cars, a well paying job or even a cushy life. Living in the present
can still be an ambitious choice. A laid back lifestyle does not mean a life of lethargy and atrophy. It's not about how much you have, but how little you need to grow. Whether in your career or as a person. The desire to live a life without expectations about the times ahead, this type of ambition is not grounded in the future, but lies in the present.

The world will always be harsh on people whose ambitions are not grounded in the pursuit of wealth. It will make you doubt your every minute decision, every superficial action. It's like wading through a river of shit to get to the cleaner side.

Even so, there is a difference between people who're zealous about living in the present, and those who give in and accept their self-created fate. A reason most people get tired of their ambitions and dreams too easily is because they mistake the thrill of novelty with the merit of its true value. You fantasize about how it would be if you accomplished those dreams, putting on a puppet show for the imagination that makes the brain respond to them as the real events. And that feels good. So good, in fact that the actual toil and effort to achieve those things then starts feeling less and less worth it.

A reward created out of thin air feels better than the prospect of reward that has to be earned by putting in the work. You want to see yourself doing it, knowing that at the end of the day, you don't actually have to do it. That's not ambition, it's pandering.

An ambition is unflinching. It is not the question of 'if' but a matter of 'when'. If Muhammad Ali had said that - "I'll be the greatest boxer that ever lived...sometime before the next decade" then he wouldn't have been The Muhammad Ali. He would've just been a Muhammad Ali. So the next time someone tells you what your ambition should be, pay no heed. For the one who knows your goals and desires is none other than yourself.



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