Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Get Inspired

I have been in a kind of a slump. One reason for that is free time, it really seems like nothing sparks up the brain juice like a neat little deadline that's looming over you. If someone made a pie chart of every time I've done something creative and productive, the time where I had other more important work to do will have the largest share. Even so, I cannot blame my lethargy on a thing so inordinately silly.  And that invites the irony, this post would not exist if I didn't have the inspiration to write it.

Inspiration is like an epiphany, if you could simply have it every time you were in a slump and wanted some anchor to save you from drowning because that is what lack of inspiration feels like - being drowned in your own incompetence and failure, then you'd simply have it at a whim.

A website where scholars from all walks of life come together and share their vast amounts of factually correct knowledge with the world for free sounds like a ridiculous concept by a high schooler who still believes that countries should not exist and money is a detriment to society. But that website exists. Right now. It is the sense of accomplishment that drives people to contribute and make massive amounts of information public. Inside everyone is a drive to achieve greatness. This momentous need is extremely overlooked, leading to frustrating unsatisfaction which is often hard to explain and express.

It is said that everyone is great at something, even if they haven't found it yet.
I disagree. Most people aren't truly great at anything at all and it isn't because they lack the caliber, but because they lack the will to apply themselves. Inspiration is simply that will finding a way. You feel the sudden surge of energy and a desire to apply that into something tangible. A project to look back at with the satisfaction of closure.

All the water in the world cannot sink a ship
unless it gets inside. All the miracles in life cannot inspire you until you look for them. This was my catharsis, a way of rediscovering what I want to write and how I want to do it. Hopefully, you can find yours very soon unless of course, you're waiting for someone to 'inspire' you.

To find inspiration, you have to look for it. Which is also the world's most obviously frivolous advice while staying completely true and easily ignored. It will not always come to you right away, or at the time it's needed. After all, it is not a well trained dog bringing the stick to its master, but a wild wolf chasing the faint scent of its prey.


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