Friday, January 11, 2013

10000 Views And A Bonus!

Today, the blog reached 10,000+ views. I would like to thank every reader and and all the supporters. So, Thank you for liking, sharing and reading this blog(Damn! I am not good at this).
As a bonus for reaching the milestone, here's a guest post by on feminism, and the farces of some of the women. 
This poem is more about equality than a -ism. It makes for a very interesting and a distinct read.
Here is the poem:

We ask for equal rights
Political, social and economical 
We ask for equal opportunities
For education and employment 
Yet, all we do is, ask
We ask for some more rights
To contract laws, property and to vote
We ask for reproductive rights
Access to contraceptives and abortion
Yet, all we do is, ask
We claim to be better than men at everything
And yet, we ask to be treated as equals
We claim to be highly independent 
Yet we ask men to drop us home at night 
We claim to be mentally stronger than the descendants of Mars
Yet we expect them to fight our battles and wars
We claim to be too physically stronger than those of the opposite gender 
Yet, if he raises his hand, he is wrong? 
We say we are modern in our thinking
Yet our mothers discourage inter-caste marriages
We say we are modern in our ways
Yet we frown upon those who are dressed in a modern way
We say we approve of modern behavior
Yet we shun those who believe in live-ins 
We say we believe in the modern way of relationships 
Yet if a woman to engage in such behavior is tagged as a harlot 
Don't just ask, take what's yours
Rallies and campaigns just create a lot of noise 
Standing up and taking what's yours
Is what it takes to guarantee your rights 
Don't just stand there and make tall claims
And beg to be given what is yours
Move around and prove those imbeciles
That you are here to take what is rightfully, yours
Enough of our talks about our
Modern days
Enough of our actions from the
Orthodox days
It's time now to practice what we preach
It's time now to put stop to such
subtle hypocrisies

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