Saturday, July 7, 2012

Despicable Vocabulary

Towards most of the words, I am indifferent. For example, I don't care how the word 'cloud' sounds. I have no opinion on it one way or the other. But Internet and books have made me familiar with some of the grossest sounding words of all time. They either sound tasteless or downright ribald. I give no thought to the actual meaning when I read them as my brain churns and shudders from the volatile images that flash through my mind.
And I am not the only one. It's not similar to the irritation you feel when observing people use 'you're' and 'your' in their opposite meanings. This is just a part of the language and is known as 'word aversion'. Word aversion has nothing to do with meaning. This made it the most irksome post for me to write.
Here are some of the words I find the most vulgar:

1) Flatulence: def. Accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal.
 This is one of those words whose very name and meaning brings to mind the indecency of the human body. Flatulence is what really killed the cat.
Use in an awful sentenceHe can hurl his exposed pancreas as a gut grenade, unleash noxious flatulence and use his head as an explosive bowling ball. 

2) Phat: def. Excellent
'Seriously, that's the meaning of phat?' - I find myself thinking. It almost sounds like a balloon blowing up in your face which from another point of view sucks in itself! Though it is considered a slang faux pas, it is still used by lower school wannabes. 
Use in an awful sentenceDude, that girl is phat.

3) Gloop: def. Any gooey, viscous substance.
The definition doesn't do justice to the even more horrible word. You might remember this word from school lunches!
Use in an awful sentence: That's not for eating, it's gloop.

4) Flaccid: def. Soft and hanging loosely or limply.
Does this unpleasant word have to be explained why it is gross? Better leave it at that.
Use in an awful sentenceThat party was pretty flaccid.

5) Fondle: def. Stroke or caress lovingly.
When the meaning of the word itself contains an even more smutty word(caress), you've gotta hate it.
Use in an awful sentenceWould you like to fondle my bussoms?

6) Sap: def. The fluid that circulates in the vascular system of a plant.
An image of an oozing pus wound is radiating before my eyes as I type this.
Use in an awful sentenceCrap, I got sap all over my hands from that tree.

7) Screech: def. Give a loud, harsh, piercing cry.
Whenever I hear this word, I can hear the sound of chalk shrieking at the chalkboard.
Use in an awful sentenceThe car's tires screeched over the road.

8) Jowl: def. The lower part of a person's or animal's cheek.
Let's hear you say that word with a smile on your mouth!
Use in an awful sentenceShe had a large nose and heavy jowls.

9) Bulbous: def. Fat, round or bulging
The word vaguely reminds me of an obese man with his loose belly bulging out.
Use in an awful sentenceLeonard-"What's rattling around that big bulbous head of yours?"

10) Fiddle: def. A violin, esp. when used to play folk music
This is just a weird word, though it is not as gross, it does has a creepy reverberation in my mind.
Use in an awful sentenceShe nervously played the fiddle with her hands.

I hope this post didn't have a repelling effect on you because I do want you to come back for the 10 Most Serene Sounding Words



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I've learnt A LOT of words today. thanks >:'D
Joanne x

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