Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Final Defeat

"Never accept defeat. Never surrender." These are words of respect and ovation.
When you face defeat, carry on and do not be terrified of the enemy even if they have the demeanour of a wild boar because what have you got, if not your dignity?
But I disapprove of this approach. Know when you are defeated and instead of wasting your strength ignoring it and stumbling to carry on, admit your debacle and prepare for the next time. There is nothing more dismal than a man trying pitifully to win a lost cause, a morbid test of will.

The world saw the fight when Muhammad Ali lost. Yet, The tragedy that night wasn't
that he could no longer box. He could. The tragedy was that he still thought he was Ali.
Fighting on forever isn't about dignity, it is about pride and ego. The real grandeur is in acknowledging the loss of the battle, yet not the war. It's living to see another day, to fight for your beliefs. So many fights and wars could've been won, if it weren't for the rigidness of the leaders who saw 'backing down' not as the biggest decision of self perseverance, but as the loser's option, a shameful thought. The Spartans, as well as the Aztecs fought till the end, and an end it was for them.
Believing in suffering is a right cause, but martyrdom for no apparent cause is the biggest mistake in the name of humanity, a striving example of survival of the fittest, in these countless years of evolution. The loser's war is not hailed as a heroic tale but as the act of stupidity by the people who have seen the once mighty combatant.



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