Monday, November 28, 2016

Clinging On to Life

It's funny how people think there's anything in life that they can cling on to. That there are certain things that will never go away. Maybe they are right, maybe those things will indeed stay the same. But the idea that anything in life can be clasped and never allowed to let go is an absurd one.

Be it a person, a thing, or a situation. Things flow away. Some wither and die, some turn into another entirely, some stay the same. Even something staying the same all the while you're growing and developing in life is a different form of change. You're still clinging to an idea, a thing, or a person that you might have held by your side in the past. But you changed, or are in the process of changing.

Nothing is perpetually constant. Not us, not others, not even science. But that doesn't mean any human can be in a state of complete detachment. Just as no human can be totally devoid of emotions or be in total sync with them, attachment is another inherent symptom of being human. To be human, you've got to feel. You've got to grow intimate with people and things.

Just like a doctor smoking after a gruelling surgery, or a man revelling in sheer laziness after a week of work, a few mild bad habits don't make you a bad person. They make you human.

Being human means forming connections in life. It is the acceptance of the fact that those connections can be broken that can alleviate anxiety. You cannot control how you feel in all situations, and that's a part of being human. 


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