Saturday, July 7, 2012

Serene Vocabulary

As with the previous post (10 grossest words), I have a few words that brighten up my mind and radiate serenity. I have tried to choose words instead of concepts so that already formed images don't conflict with the mollifying effect of the words.
Here is my relationship with words:

1) Chime: def. A set of tuned metal used as an orchestral instrument.
Chime is an awesome word, it truly expresses the meaning of repose. Wind-chime is also another peaceful word.
Use in an awesome sentence:  The two lovers were reunited by the chime of the perfectly timed clock.

2) Cloud: def. A mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere.
Cloud is a bucolic word with a nice texture as it flows out of my mouth, almost like cotton fluff.
Use in an awesome sentenceHe saw the floating cloud above him and knew that his dad will always be with him.

3) Epiphany: def. A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something. 
Epiphany always reminds me of brilliance, of an ingenious idea that cannot be destroyed.
Use in an awesome sentence: Sheldon-"I sense that you're trying to slow-walk me to an epiphany. Would you mind very much jumping to it?"

4) Mist: def. A condensed vapor settling in fine droplets on a surface.
The definition doesn't do justice to the word's mysterious soothing power that just beams out.
Use in an awesome sentenceIt was a cold winter morning and the brazen fields were concealed by mist.

5) Era: def. A major division of time.
I don't know if because of the way of pronouncing this word or the intonation of the meaning that this word sounds so pleasant.
Use in an awesome sentence:  Morning eras passed by as the fiery earth was pacified and the oceans were born.

6) Merge: def. To combine to form a single entity.
Merge is the perfect word for its meaning. It eloquently expresses the right blend of grace and elegance. 
Use in an awesome sentence: The three identities merged into one to form the perfect mind.

7)  Exotic: def. Of a kind not ordinarily encountered.
Exotic is permanently branded with ambience for me!
Use in an awesome sentenceThe discovery of the exotic 'God' particle rejoiced the atheists.

8) Trance: def. A state of abstraction.
Trance is like a calm inner space, an unbiased bliss. It immediately numbs the body and calms the mind.
Use in an awesome sentenceAs he approached the inner conflict, she put him in trance.

9) Requisite: def. Made necessary by particular circumstances.
Requisite is a very smooth word, like a slippery moss covered stone and certainly sounds like it.
Use in an awesome sentence: She believed privacy to be a requisite for a peaceful life.

10) Essence: def. Something abstract that determines its character.
Essence just reveals the soul. It is like an elixir of smell(another nice word). I like the sound made by the triple 's'.
Use in an awesome sentenceSoul is the very essence of life.

These are just a few of the countless pure words in the English language. Comment to share your own. :)


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