Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reverse Sexism, Normal Sexism

It is a general fact that sexism still prevails. From humorous kitchen jokes to much more vulgar forms, women do experience male pressure. But this post is not about the dominating and self inflated faculty, it is about how some women themselves are not only part of the vicious chain, but also feed the hunger of power to their male counterparts. We will never downplay the very serious issue of women being trivialized in this society, but nor should we start capitalising “women” and not "men". 'Reverse sexism' as a term theoretically shouldn't exist, as all sexism, whether directed at a male by a female or vice versa, is sexism. 'Reverse sexism' itself is used in context more to describe highly volatile actions of feminist groups, or at least ideology to that effect.

The habit of accepting chivalrous behavior from men has always been a lady's dream, but the aspects of chivalry have never been defined. Is it opening the door for your girl or allowing them travelling seats? The concept has always been blurred and has indeed been manipulated by attention-seeking women. And when a person seeks his voice to be heard, he is usually labelled misogynistic. Or is it that just like the Jews, over the centuries, women have grown used to being treated unfairly and now see themselves as subordinate and thus ask for facilities?

A women expects a man to propose, to choose up a Valentine benefaction, etcetera. But why is giving away their freedom often not thought of? An added responsibility is bound to affect the balance of the fair scale.
When men are losing their unfair power, women are expected to sacrifice the chivalrous gifts bestowed upon them.

I was travelling by bus when I saw a fat lady furiously demanding the handicapped seat from an old one legged man to which he replied, and I quote, "You are not pregnant, nor are you handicapped. You are just fat! So go stand for a while".

Not to say that all women are the example of such demeanor, but finding women seeking compensation and pittance solely on the regard of their sex is not all that hard.  Over the years, I thought that reverse sexism had subsided, faded away from their minds, but in the recent Italy shipwreck when a female critic announced her opinion-" We saw men and children jumping out before women, it was an a outrage", I was deeply appalled. Again, the same link of events! Misandry is a serious problem too.

Often the facts have to be carefully understood and believed. What is an equal workplace? Women hired solely on the basis of their gender and thus equally consisting in a workplace may not be an example of gender equality. An equal workplace will be where only the qualifications are required for hiring and hence a workplace having more men than women can be a truer example of equality.

But not everything is between the two black and white areas. If you think hot women have it easy because everyone wants to have sex with them, you're both wrong and also the reason you're wrong. But the argument that whatever men do is based on one reason, to get laid, is downright absurd(I am writing this blog, duh!).
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