Friday, July 13, 2012

Faulty Faith

Faith -noun
 "Belief that is not based on proof"

     Faith is the ultimate epitome of ignorance; a very good concept devised to take support or balance on a tight wire, to keep the public quiet. It has a placebo effect, a Texas shooter flaw in reasoning(This 'false cause' fallacy is coined after a marksman shooting randomly at barns and then painting bullseye targets around the spot where the most bullet holes appear, making it appear as if he's a really good shot)
I have had conversations with people about my atheism and when I tell them about some of the reasons for losing my faith, or some of the things that make no sense to me, they smile condescendingly and say something like “I thought exactly the same thing at your age, but I learnt to take it on faith”. This is a terrifying attitude.
If you have faith in a number of things, some of them are bound to go your way.
Faith is not a reason, saying - "because I have faith" only changes the question from 'why do you believe?' to 'why do you have faith?' The only difference is that you removed evidence and proof from the limited list of possible answers.
Faith is believing something is true simply because you want it to be true, ignoring both the facts and the truth, that is neither honest nor something to base real world decisions on. People just need a blind beam to carry them. It's the solemn excuse in a not so rare circumstance of a counterfactual scenario.
So, when someone tells me that the truths they claim to know were found through faith, I will not consider that virtuous. I will consider it lazy, cowardly, and dangerously irresponsible.



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