Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Disgusting Book

This post is about the reasoning of people that I truly cannot comprehend. What makes a book disgusting? Repulsive? Is it the use of abusive language or the tabooed topics? Or is it that they can know about the subject, the reality, but rather not read it?
Murder seems not to be the issue, as they are widely prestiged. Nor is intimacy as lots of teen books are quite heavily addressed to physical intimacy. The use of immoral language too, is excused on the grounds of the book being closer to reality and the society's mentality compared to the others. Hell, highly respected books rarely do not contain profanity.

I think that people think of a book as disturbing because it doesn't comply with their morality, their beliefs and their lack of familiarity with the characters. Is 'American Psycho' abhorrent and despicable whereas 'Silence of the lambs' a psychological masterpiece just because the former being written from a different point of view? An obvious reason is also that the critics, in whom the public has a general faith, deem the book inappropriate. How can we appeal to authority?(Fallacy)

People want to look at them, but not understand. They want to read them and yet not fathom. More often than not, these disturbing and blood curdling books are works of art and have the most unique styles of satire and sarcasm blended together by the writer's twisted logic and sense of humour.
It is discernible for people to face the truth that these disturbing books are not as much immoral as amoral; that these books are not only characterised by giggling and snickering but by mature contemplation. So the next time you read a disgusting book, ask yourself the question- Is there even a book like that?
Some of the best novels if you want to try the genre are here: Top Ten Books
I would recommend American Psycho and We Need to Talk About Kevin

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Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you've said, and this is an interesting subject to post about. I think that sometimes people are not wrong for calling such writing repulsive/disgusting, because it technically might be, but they are wrong for believing that those are always bad things.
These books are deeply satirical (Haunted by Palahniuk comes to mind) and offer a raw glimpse into society. They are meant to open the reader's eyes by shaking him out of his ignorance. It's self-conscious, enlightening, entertainment, at the cost of being difficult to stomach.
But people just want to condemn what they cannot understand.

AKshat MIttal said...

Posts like these make me wish people weren't anonymous so I could thank them personally! This post came after much discussion with my friends, most of whom agree with your opinion, and mine. Just because a book is hard to understand and is different than your usual thinking doesn't make it any more repulsive than one religion to another. These books are satirical and are not meant to be taken into a literal perspective.
Once again, thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Don't lose faith in people just yet, there are some good ones out there.
And remember,
Private is the new public.

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