Monday, July 2, 2012

The Undiscovered Night

People say that night is mysterious, that it is to be afraid of. But they are not afraid of the dark, they are afraid of what lies beyond it.

You can't see much but as you hear the slightest of sounds that your 'suddenly hypersensitive' ears can catch, paranoia is quick to descend. The human mind starts racing, 'Was that a bush or an evil creature of the dark ready to pounce on you?' Nervously you start to hurry, though deep beneath you relish the newfound senses; just a different scenario and you'll even love it; but no, it is night and you can't escape its clutches. But night is not just dark, it's not only fear, though it does harbour some of it. Night is a serene personage that soothes the wounded and heals the scarred. It's a silent listener and a trusted confidant.

Night, for me, is the best time to think about everything of importance. It is devoid of any emotion, still like pond water, yet untouched by the vexatious buzzing of mortals. It is a mental refuge, both out of and existing in reality. I can remember what I had forgotten a long time ago. It doesn't make me remember, rather allows me to forget what I mean to. The tranquility rejuvenates the inner being. This is a rare time when my pulse is low but I can vision ideas, when I have full control over myself. Some nights will always seem wasted if ignored and slept on.
For a bored mind, night time is the perfect place to contemplate and a vast entity of its own to be understood.
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