Friday, February 12, 2016

These Problems Are The Good Ones To Have

Listen to this post.

As ironic to the title as it might sound, I've always found the "someone's got it worse" logic deeply flawed and belittling. But hear me out, someone having a bigger stick than you doesn't make yours any smaller.
And yet, I believe that the majority of the demography reading this post(including me) faces problems that can be handled by us. We have the distinct ability to be self aware of our faults and issues while simultaneously being capable of solving them.

This doesn't mean that some problems aren't greater than others, and that many aren't a result of our victim complex. When all you've got is a hammer, all you see are nails. People looking to face an adversity can make even something like the daily chore of getting up into a life altering struggle. Even so, at least your own problems are quantifiable to you. Measurable and relatable.

 I don't want to talk about privilege. It has been diluted and pandered by such raving lunatics that it's a word without any substance by now. It just exists, meaningless and homeopathic. As inane and remote as it may be, some of us are more privileged than others. And it'd be a shame to not use that as an armor that protects us, instead of a knife that inflicts damage by way of excuses.

Sometimes even a star offense against a smart defense is a task in futility. And if life was a personification, it would most definitely be Floyd Mayweather. Even so, you can't afford to stop and take a loss. It's not that you can't handle your problems, it's the fact that dealing with them holds you back and then you need to play catchup with the fastest sprint runner known to man - life. But something to consider is that it's not life you're racing against, it's yourself.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with life struggles. Some cut friends off, some reel them in. While it's important to remember that good friends will be by your side regardless of you telling them your problems, or not. I do not believe that every problem needs to be shared or announced to the world, but it doesn't make you weak if that's your thing either. What's important is to not let it consume you like wildfire. As strong as a comeback can be, not falling into the pit is always better than to lose yourself fighting your demons alone, and winning.

In my opinion it's better to have a big problem you can resolve yourself than live with smaller unsolvable ones everyday. Here's to hoping that the next problem you face, and make no mistake you will face one or the other, is well within your means

Freefallin' when you shook from the pack
Keep walkin', let the foot leave a track
We often gotta look for the path
These problems are the good ones to have


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