Monday, February 25, 2013

Why People Will Come To Love Hitler

Adolf Hitler was a tyrant. He was a murderer and a dictator. A vile man and a selfish lover. 11 million people died indirectly and even directly because of him. Had he won, the world would've been a transformed place, and not for the better.
Hitler is directly equated to the Holocaust, and rightly so. He caused more deaths than almost any individual human being that we know of since the beginning of time.

And he has his own brand of high sugar aerated drinks
Hitler was well disciplined, he had a strict set of rules and his own morals. But that won't be the reason why people will come to respect him and think of him not as an oppressor and loathsome man that he was, but as a war hero, a nationalist who lead his country till  the edge of victory, and then falling of it. All the while, never surrendering or admitting defeat. He will be remembered as a man who was never defeated.

Well, obviously he failed, but so did Napoleon, you don't see Napoleon being warded off as a ruthless vile scum among mortals. Similar brutal and merciless men have been etched in the ranks of men we respect, men whose ethics we abide by and men whose possible ways of thinking have spouted many books. Men's images have been transformed and will be transformed yet.

Yes he invaded, murdered, and conquered other countries, but so did Ghengis Khan. Yes he took a republic and turned it into a dictatorship, but so did Julias Caesar. All these men have been lionized by history none the less. -Taranaki

Here is an interesting example if you think that respecting Hitler, even after a few hundred years is neigh impossible:

What do you think of the knights from Middle ages?
Seriously, you can't hate on a child lover can you?
 So what if he killed a bunch of Jews.
Obviously, you find yourself saying, knights were the most honourable of men and the gentlest beings in the kingly era. They were chivalrous and always charming. After all, who can deny their persona and the calm imagery it portrays.

What knights actually were
Knights were warriors, and they were young. When these legions of fighters were not off fighting wars for cowardly kings, they tended to release their violent surges at commoners. They stormed the villages and slaughtered men and children alike. Women were left, of course. As for what, I think we all know why.

And in fact, we WILL lionize and idolize him
So, if wrathful and ruthless knights can be lionized to symbolize humbleness, Hitler can very much become that man that had the initiative to turn his country upside down. The monstrosities would have been forgotten and ignored.
"Many of his actions will still be seen as monstrous, but the sentiment that he was a 'Great' man in the sense of his objective actions may exist (again ignoring morality because history rarely remembers OR cares)" Taranaki makes a valid point.

Even now, Hitler is regarded as somewhat of an authoritative figure in India and some other Asian countries. While he may not be entirely forgiven, natural lionizing in society and human culture will reduce his evils to blotches on an otherwise unstained paper.

So, yes. I think that Hitler may not remain the vicious killer he once was, but an idea of sovereignty and  discipline. While the idea may seem as a cruel joke on the survivors and a jest on his victims, that's how society works, breathes and thinks. The wheels of time will numb every bruise, and mislead countless men.
We are just one step away from Hitler's custom clothing chain

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Anonymous said...

Wow This really puts things in the perspective. It's interesting as well as scary to know how our society can overlook certain things while magnifying the greater ones. Nice post btw.

Anonymous said...

Just hearing his name makes me trembling.. :(
My grandparents are holocaust survivors.. :(
I am a 15 years old girl, and since a little age I always heard many stories about him..
That was sad, but good we already passed it, and hope G-d will continue saving us from every trouble that will come to our life..

Anonymous said...

Heil! mein fuhrer, i am german for ur kind info, hitler had good plans for the world and the jews were traitors and need to be killed so let it b children, women and elders... Ur grand parents escape holocaust bt bcoz of ur community i.e jews i lost mine... Need 2 eliminate d jews and muslim from the face of the earth... Only 1 race will triumph over the world the Aryans....

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