Friday, January 30, 2015

The Story of Damon D. Reddington

My name is Damon. Damon D. Reddington. This is my story. The year is 2077. I am the single most influential force in the world. Nice people herald me as the second coming of Christ. Evil men and women live in constant fear of my existence. Whatever the other mortals might believe, I am not like them. My world is filled with despicable scum of the world. The lowest common denominator in this cesspool we live in.
I am a New World Order executive. No, my job is not making sissy presentations or going to pointless meetings. I eradicate the plague of humans that haunt humanity. I am a just man. And despite what many may believe, a nice man too. But what I am not is kind. I am justice. Mercy to the guilty is punishment to the innocent. I am the guy demons dread.
My beginning, like most heroes, if you choose to believe they exist, was humble. I grew up in the wastelands with barely a rock in my name. So when martial began rounding up volunteers for the now called 'Hero Project', I was among the first to sign up. They were trying to administer a fatal truth serum. One that would literally kill you for lying. This was advertised as the endgame in law and order. 143 kids died before the second week. All but me. I believe a part of my soul is buried there, in mass grave no.12 
But then it did something it was not supposed to. I started sensing people who were lying. It enhanced my intuition to the extent that I could then deduce correctly if a person had been hiding something evil inside him. My chest would tighten and my head would explode in clusters. Cluster headaches, if you're not aware, don't kill you, but you almost certainly wish that they did. When I realized what had happened, the first to a long chain of dominoes fell.
I slayed all 7 cruel scientists with a knife I stole from the cafeteria. For the first time in a long time, my chest relaxed.  My rise was quick. It didn't take long for the justice system to see my merits and grant me full impunity from my 'crimes'. A jealous single mother who would go on a rampage at the mall, a man who would strap bricks of RDX and wander into a theater, or a a kid who was planning to kill his bullies at the school. I made no judgments, I just acted. I did not falter from my path.
Over a span of 44 years, I have rid this shithole of the strongest of evil. But when I felt my chest crumple up and my head explode like a 2 ton nuclear bomb, I knew my biggest feat was coming. I was in Berlin at the time, visiting a long forgotten bunker when I saw a lone man all dressed up in white. We were alone in the underground bunker, with not a soul within 500 yards. My head was in seering pain. I reached for my glock and shot thrice. Head, chest, and torso. He was dead before he could make his move.
Imagine my horror when the pain did not subside. On the contrary, it amplified. That's when the full effect of my actions hit me. The physical pain felt nothing to my inner turmoil. We are the product of our actions. 
In the end, this is not just my story. It is my note as well. Maybe true unbiased justice is evil in its purest form.
"I am become death;destroyer of worlds."
Goodbye world.
-Damon D. Redd


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