Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Take A Look

Take a look at yourself.

You don’t need to find a mirror, just closing your eyes for a moment will suffice.

This is the person you’ll be spending the next 50-60 years with. You can say that this is the person you’ll spend all your life with. All your experience and achievements, you will perceive through the eyes of this being. When you’re dead, you’ll just be a human shaped piece of meat. Regardless of what you believe in – a higher being judging us, damning us, or an eternal void, the things you do right now are who you are. This might just be a simple look at the convoluted person you are, or a complex look at the simple being as the case might be, which is not the case.

happen to think that perception is the sole root of knowledge. What you feel, is what is. If there is indeed an afterlife, that does not factor in. This might be the gravest folly, but it does liberate you. At least to me, the thought of knowing all that counts, is what you actually do is freeing. Now this life might be a complex reward based system where the elite people with sufficient fly-miles go to the Promised Land and the defaulters into the fiery pits. But that’s only a way to justify the existence. Finding Prometheus is not likely. That’s not just the skeptic in me talking, although he is screaming. When you suppress the voice there really isn’t a reason why this timeline needs to be an illusion or an entrance test.

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There is not much you cannot do with money. But the things you can, outweigh the quantity with sheer quality. But money is an arbitrary restriction posed on us by ourselves. It is also not the topic of this post. Time is like looking at the landscape from a fast moving car on a highway. The things closest to us move the fastest, and the farther away they are, the less likely it looks we’ll ever reach them. Until we do, and then everything we passed by seems like a distant dream.

If you know just how to look, the Universe bleeds secrets. Knowing that what you experience is your only way of measuring this life in some quantifying terms is no reason to be self-absorbed. There will always be things you haven’t done and never will. The road not taken. But sometimes that road hasn’t been taken because there’s a reason not to. Life is a game and there are not a lot of cheats. You cannot randomly buff up your skills by typing a hash of keywords. But it is not altogether unfair either. Rewards exist for sacrifices made. Sometimes the risk is higher, and sometimes almost non-existent.

The grand scale of events. Oh the people love to say that ‘in the grand scale of events..’. But that does not make our existence insignificant, it just gives us more leeway to do things our way. You are not a drop in the Universe. You’re the Universe contained in a drop because what is an ocean but a multitude of droplets.

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