Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hating Famous People

Have you ever heard people say 'you don't have the right to judge him/her'? Well if you didn't already, you have now. It's what wise people say to stupid ignorant bashers trying to criticize the choices made by people whose lives they can't relate to.
What is baffling though, is that these same wise people feel nothing wrong with bashing celebrities and famous personalities. It is like these personalities are made of brick and stone and not flesh and bones.
It is fine that you hate someone's acting or his work. Criticizing it is actually good. But outright insulting someone famous is the mark of someone arrogant. The same people would never insult someone they knew or met, but a celebrity breaks that barrier.

"Akshat, you are just trying to stretch a trivial matter. I am sure that the person in the image had perfect reason to say that Deepika Padukone sucked" - I hear you thinking. But to the skeptics, I offer you this:

Yes, the reason for the person in question saying this is because the celebrity chose to side with another team. But if this is not foul enough, here are 2 more comments on the same post.

Obviously, I had to force myself not to get an eyebleed by staring at this comment with horrible grammar and the dreadful typo.
Note to international readers: SRK, or Shah Rukh Khan is this person and a very famous actor.

I am sure this guy would've been shunned for saying this to a female friend of his or another guy. But not if it's a celeb, AMIRIGHT! This ideology corresponds with that of internet trolls. And is wrong to the point of damnation.

And this is not just an internet phenomenon too, although it is rampant online as it provides a direct way
reach the said celebrities. And this is perfectly okay to do. I am not saying that celebrities can't be assholes, and many of them are. But judging people based on fame and 'BREAKING' media news is erroneous. if you think that hating/judging people is bad, doing the same with celebrities is very hypocritical. And if you don't think so, you are a shitty human being.

It also applies to people who defend celebrities when someone criticizes them. Just an odd interview doesn't mean that someone is good or bad and you practically have no reason to defend a personality even if his work is amazing. Face it, talented people can be douchebags too.

Chris Brown, woman beater is seen as Hitler and John Lennon, wife beater like a saint. Famous people are people too.

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Anonymous said...

I like the way you wrote this blog, But aren't people entitled to their own opinions? Sure, some of the things they say sound mean, But then people are allowed to not like other people.

Anonymous said...

I REALLY hate Aishwarya rai. I hope she gets run over by a car. I hate how she's trying to look white. What's wrong with being Indian? Here in the US we Indians are proud to be brown! What an idiotic woman

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