Monday, April 1, 2013

Game Of Thrones Season 3: All Men Must Serve

Today's pretty lucky, 2 posts in one day. Well, both of them are equally demanding!
The new Game of Thrones Season aired today. It was everything you would expect it to be, and some more.  The acting is not even comparable to other shows now. Here are a few glimpses of the most important parts of the episode which you can watch here.

Ps: Watch it before looking at these highlights or they will be as unfamiliar as a Dothraki wedding.

Winterfell is smoldering in the opening sequence, that attention to detail was impressive...and sad.
Winterfell smoldering Game of thrones season 3

Ygritte is finally back to the wild, and she knows it. You can see her confidence rising higher than Joffrey's obnoxiousness. This about sums up the whole scene.
Ygritte and Jon outside the wall

Tyrion is afraid. He had his fun, now his daddy's come home to take the reigns. We have seen tyrion with crude humor, with quick wits and a cocky demeanor, but now all that has changed. For the first time, he is afraid of what lies ahead.
Game of thrones season 3

Davos, damn he needs a moisturizer or something. And his conversation wasn't half of what it was in the book. So yeah, that was a disappointment.
Game of thrones season 3

Tywin is back to his glaringly strict attitude. This provides a contrasting beginning to the last scene of season 2 where he had been seen as a father who lost everything and a kind soul while talking to Arya. This was the most touching scene of the episode as well.
Game of thrones season 3

Sansa is back to being an ignorant sissy. Even though Shae is actually not her maid, this little modification was actually good.
Game of thrones season 3
Danaerys, as usual, is the usual highborn lass with every man trying to please her. But this gets the best scene of the series up till now.
Game of thrones season 3

Margaery brings on the sweetness. she has already started gearing up to be a queen. Cersei, take lessons. I love it how she's just not another scared ignorant girl(thinly veiled hint). The TV series also made her a bit more sweeter, which is okay.
Game of thrones season 3

"Cersei's pissed she's not hot anymore The tension in that dinner scene was spot on." Also, she called out Joffrey for being a bitch.
Game of thrones season 3

Even the slave owner was great. It was fun to see the subtitles and the alterations by the girl.
Game of thrones season 3

Well, that's it. We have to wait another 7 days to see what lies ahead. It's gonna be a really long week.
Game of thrones season 3
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