Monday, April 15, 2013

Guest Post: Meeting Jeffrey Archer

Not long ago, my friend Angela met the legend Jeffrey Archer who has written countless prize winning books  and stories/ Here's hat she has to say about it, using her ever so poetic voice.

Master storyteller, his characters possess such dignity, that I almost proposed. Like  his characters, he was also punctual. 
He greeted us by saying how happy he was and then paused for the dramatic effect and continued with flourish, that England won the series. 

The audience was fairly wide-ranging, each clutching their novels, but it was to be duly noted that his fan following was dominated by the ladies, and not only the single ones. 

Neurotic but charming, cocky but hilarious, there never was a dull moment. Never still, like a 5 year old, he jumped around and interacted with everyone. He made plenty of eye-contact which left some 40+ aunties swooning.

That man knew he was better and he wasn't going to waste his time by hiding it.
He (mostly) yelled, then whispered a little. He asked, yelled some more and then answered. His cries of 'Noooooo' were repeated often, very much audible and undoubtedly ebullient.

He shared every thought and every moment was spontaneous, but like a magical, he never revealed his secret. 
Like the devil, he charmed us all. 
Words cannot do justice to what I felt in his presence. He was nothing like his books, he was much more. The experience so liberating, I can only say, "Lord" is a very fitting title for this author.
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