Monday, April 1, 2013

Not Everything Is Trolling

Watch this video to know the best troll

It seems to me, as people online grow accustomed to the word trolling, they are simultaneously trying to partake in this 'humorous culture' by posting troll work of their own. It's just the way people try to outdo each other without knowing what is that they are competing for. 

Everything a stranger does on an internet is a trolling attempt these days. Didn't understand something? Trolling. Didn't like the post? Trolling. Lame humour attempt? Trolling. Trolling has become synonymous with joking/pranking to internet laymen who want to be a part of something to bind them with other users and maybe even give them internet points(hint, they don't exist).

Guess what, Trolling refers to a very specific activity where someone actually tries to ruin someone's day in the most offensive way possible.  Usually this person will say extremely offensive and hateful things just to get an emotional response out of someone.

  • Telling a joke directed at a friend is NOT trolling
  • Criticizing someone is NOT trolling
  • And most of all, stupid posts are NOT trolling attempts. Most of the time, they are just that, stupid comments by stupid people.
  • NOT every rage comic created by a teen with questionable language skills has trolling in it.
America bombed Hiroshima, it trolled Japan so hard.
Guess what, Russell Peters telling a joke about India is not trolling, he's a comedian and he's doing his job. Nor is a critic criticizing Bieber, he's criticizing him or maybe even sharing his opinions.
If someone comes to you and tells you that your work sucks, that doesn't make him a troll. They are not trolling attempts, but you are a douche for thinking so.

If someone gives enough of a shit to tell you how much your stream sucks then the first thing you should do is engage them and ask what they think sucks and what you can do to improve it.  Come to find out, that wasn't a troll at all, it was a future fan.  Yet because we are such sensitive fucking flowers, most people just automatically ban their future fans without even trying to win them over.  Good job moron.

Trolling is now the new version of the great 'ironic' or 'literally'. 
"That person is of America and cannot spell, how ironic", no it is not ironic. Ironic is the fact that your own grammar is wrong.
"I literally bled to death when I scratched my acne", and I literally hate you. 
It's almost as if someone sounds stupid or acts as an obnoxious moron, he claims to be a troll. 

If someone on the internet insults you, it isn't trolling unless they are trying to fuck with you or make you cry. Make no mistake, trolls exist, but not every damn blunt guy is a troll. Not every stupid person asking an obvious question is a troll. 

Today's April fools day, and my feed is already flooded with idiots claiming to 'troll' people by pranking them. So please, do the world a favour, either conceal your stupidity by not trying to act cool and name everything 'trolling' or do actually troll before calling it trolling.
Bonus: Here's a video by lifehacker about some of the easiest April Fool pranks

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