Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Touch of A Good Relationship

Drunk on the promise to forever stay in touch, you leave school. The establishment you've spent almost all your life in. Slowly, but surely, that flame flickers. Friends fade into acquaintances and then into people you used to know. You try to cling on to the good memories, who doesn't. But maintaning a balance between the past and the present while you move onto the future is like rollerblading backwards.

Not all relationships are permanent. And that's okay. You can be great friends during a particular phase of your life without having to regret leaving them behind as you transcend that phase. It's not easy to admit, or to accept. But some friends are borne out of the situation more than compatibility.

Trying desperately to keep in touch is like trying to stop an icecube from melting by holding it in your hands. The more you try, the harder it fails.

While I think loyalty is absolute and needs to be unwavering, drifting off isn't always abandoning someone. Once someone gets close enough to me, they know that they have my unquestioning loyalty. It doesn't mean that years down the road they can't call upon it(much like Vito Corleone), but it also doesn't mean that we need to be in constant contact all that while,

Loyalty doesn't mean you always try to help or interfere. Loyalty to me, means letting the person live their life however they want to, but with a promise to be there for them if all hell breaks loose. You don't need a backup parachute, until you do. Being loyal also doesn't mean compromising your integrity and being influenced by the person you're swearing fealty to. As Stephen Chbosky put it: "I'll die for you, but I won't live for you"

A good relationship when you're young is like fine wine when you're a teenager looking to get wasted. Only later do you appreciate your lucky good taste. Friendships forged in the clay of youth get cemented well into adulthood.

Just because losing touch is as natural as growing older, it doesn't mean that all your relationships are for naught. There will always be people that you'll remain entangled with. And don't forget, You only need one flicker of light, to erase the darkness.

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