Thursday, September 3, 2015


Being satisfied is one of those rare fleeting moments in which you find fulfillment. When your needs are catered to and your life enriched. It is when the work that you put into something is equivalent to the reward you got.

Dissatisfaction can come in waves like a traffic on an expressway or be constant like a stream of an overflowing river. It resides in the back of your head, driving your every move ever so subtly till you're a husk who takes no real pleasure from their habits but just...exists.

In medieval times, the average human lifespan lay somewhere in the mid thirties. Now that we comparatively don't have a lot to complain about , our lives are defined by what goes wrong instead of what is right. Every victory comes with its little flaws. Things would've gone perfect if only...

Satisfaction from the work we do and the life we lead has been a primary goal of human endeavors. That's why there are so many depressed rich people. In a survey it was found that apathy, general indifference and depression has been growing amongst rich kids who did not earn their inheritance.
You can be dissatisfied even if you live a life of excess, fuelled by lavishes and praise. You can feel satisfied even if you don't own anything to your name and live amongst nomads.

If satisfaction is a cloud of enrichment, slowly being absorbed into your every orifice and changing your outlook, dissatisfaction is the stink rising from your decomposing failures. I believe then when a person does not have any goals, something to strive for or just a plain old challenge, their lives resort to a mindless stream of repetitive ennui.

Ennui is a curious word. It means a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement. People take pride in being lazy and still being able to achieve their goals. How is it that the lack of work can make them so unhappy and restless.

Chasing satisfaction from the work we do has been one of the primary sources of contentment. But that's not all someone has to be satisfied about. Satisfaction can also be an innate expression. When you see yourself changing and morphing into a person who fits into the shell of a human being that you want can be a satisfying transformation.

I think dissatisfaction has been growing amongst people because they have fit into their paradigm like a neat little shiny cog that turns and works like it's supposed to, but has no muses or flights of fancy to enrich itself.

 Dissatisfaction is trying to walk up the escalator that's going down. It is opening doors to rooms constructed in succession. It is playing a game of darts drunk, where none of them hit the target, but continuing to play thinking the next one will. It is watching the sands of an hourglass come falling down only for them to reset every time. It is smoking a cigarette not because you want to, but because you don't have anything else to do. It is owning the best gadget and then realizing there's something even better because enough is not the same it was before...


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