Monday, April 6, 2015

The Rules of Human Nature

Human beings have always been conflicted with what we can do, what we think we can. We are struggling with the limitations we impose on ourselves. On one hand, we wonder what is it that restricts us from finding happiness, on the other we are satisfied by the idea that we can't. We spend our whole life thinking there are rules. There aren't.

Happiness is an abstract concept, you say passing about the idea with a cynical view. You may say that it's only being realistic and evaluating your expectations, but the truth is, you want to achieve it. But there's always a reason for not being able to reach that Nirvana that is totally out of our control.

Perhaps if I was born in a better family, maybe if my childhood was not so bad, what if I had more supportive mentors, if only we had more money. There are an infinite number of restrictions, we put on ourselves. These bridles we leash ourselves with never allow us to test our limits. Our true limits that are determined by the laws of nature.

What is better — not knowing what you are capable of, or knowing just what you're incapable of?
I'd choose the former 10 times out of 10 because that means I have the freedom to act on my ambition and see where they take me, unaffected by the burden of knowing I may be never be able to achieve them. Knowing what you cannot do removes the primitive idea of mystery we have. Self discovery is one thing, tying ourselves to handcuffs while wearing a straightjacket and jumping into the ocean is another. We all cannot Houdini our way out from the prison that our mind can be, once you make it your jailer.

Our boundaries are undefined. We transcend them everyday, knowingly and sometimes without meaning to. We can choose to revel in the fact that we do not know exactly what the rules that define us are, or we can flirt with their very existence. It is disappointing how many people choose to be bound to their strings instead of trying to break them and find that there are none.

Ps: This and the next few posts are the result of some conversations that I had that made me think.



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