Monday, February 11, 2013

Jealousy, The 2nd Most Useless Emotion

Jealousy is the feeling of envy for a person's achievements and success. We all are jealous at some point or the other. Jealous of the guy that just does the work and still has lots of time to have fun. The chick with everything going her way. The friend who just won a lottery.

I was one of the most jealous persons I knew, and to some extent, still am. I still feel that occasional pang of 'I wish I could be like him' moments but the general feeling of 'HE ALWAYS GETS EVERYTHING. I HOPE HE GETS DIAHRREA' is no more.

But maybe, jealousy is the 2nd most useless emotion in the human brain after regret(which is just looking back at unfortunate occurrences and feeling sad for them) It arguably has little to nothing of value for us. We don't live in the times when we had to be jealous of the other group to get food for survival, or that civilization that had amazing buildings. We don't have to be jealous of anything.
But you can't do that. You can't pick one thing to be jealous of. If you're going to be jealous of someone's nice car, you have to be jealous of everything else in that person's life.  You don't get to trade your shortcomings for someone else's best assets. It's a package deal. It's the full suite, or it's nothing. -Daniel

Jealousy is everywhere around us. People will always be better than us, those popular guys will remain famous, that rich snob will continue to torment you with his presence. It is one of those cringe worthy thoughts our mind has at the night, thinking back about all the awful and horrible things that happened to us.

We all have the occasional good streaks of luck in our lives. Yes, even the douches(or maybe, ESPECIALLY the douches).
If you are going to be jealous of someones remarkable feature, you have to jealous of their whole being, you have to be jealous of everything about them. As DOB pointed out, there's no middle ground, you don't get to select upon the best qualities of your fellow humans and then collectively be jealous of them.

 If you think about it, the only bullshit you have to deal with is the one you choose to. The same goes for envy. You only have to be envious of something you choose to, if you want to make your life miserable and disappointed.

Just forsake this emotion, live your life like you are supposed to, by being yourself, and not aspiring to have the best from everyone. Humans are never perfect, jealousy reminds us that WE are always never perfect, from time to time, on the most unexpected and abrupt moments.

If you hate jealousy too or have those jealous friends, share this post to make them aware, subtly!
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Anonymous said...

Then, Whats the 1st most useless emotion, Akshat ?

Anonymous said...

Regret, as mentioned at the beginning of the article.

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