Saturday, August 18, 2012

Humanity Is Unnatural?

                           What is unnatural? Unnatural is that which is not natural.
Yes, the quote does not make any sense whatsoever.
How can something be not natural? Nature encompasses all of existence.
Human beings are a part of nature, we evolved just like other animals, we are part of the natural order
there are some people who say that the way we impact are environmnt is unnatural,

If building large dams is unnatural then why isn't beavers making wood dams unnatural? Building skyscrapers is unnatural but bees building beehives is considered okay and using traps is not natural whereas spiders making large webs is completely in the natural order? Is it because humans have a higher intellect, that their constructions are more complex than any other animal, simply because we use our brains rather than instinct?
It doesn't make any sense.
When we ask ourselves "What is unnatural?", the answer is "Nothing". Nothing is unnatural, buildings are natural, stars, laptops, cosmos, jewellery, flowers and spectacles are all natural.
Unnatural is just a result of our OCD to give every word a counter one- left for right, in for out, light for dark, it's a need for balance. These words are necessary, but not every word has an opposite. Nature has no opposite as nature contains everything. All of this does make one point said, that unnatural is evil and therefore to be abolished. Or is it?

One flaw in calling ourselves, or our actions unnatural is that we are separating ourselves from other animals. But humans are natural, humanity as a whole is just as natural as cows. If the concept of unnatural is extended, it may also be said that certain behavior is unnatural, but then is going to a large building on selective days to worship unnatural? Falling out of a plane and just pulling a chord and landing safely natural? Pressing a button and getting light natural?, These are things we never give a second thought to. Then why are certain human behaviors so unnatural?

It's wrong because if something is unnatural, it is wrong. Why is unnatural equated to bad? It is not an argument, but more like a justification. Humans don't like something that deviates from the norm and instead of overcoming our fears, we just try to justify them. It's an immediate excuse. If you do something to something, terming that thing unnatural instantaneously justifies your actions.
Unnatural, if such a thing existed, would be entirely different. A neutral concept with nothing inherently evil about it and it's the context that proves it otherwise.

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