Sunday, August 12, 2012

Birthdays Are Overrated

It's your day of the year. The world is singing, people are happy for you and everything is as good as it can be. But in my experience, birthdays are overrated. Although it's the time of having fun and enjoying, it is also the loss of another year passing by and you failing to do what you had expected in it. Unwinding seems hard when everyone expects you to have the best day of the year.

The thing is, I like my life, my ordinary everyday life, or a few holidays in between. And the fun I expect is a lot different than what the family members expect me to have. It is indeed a chaotic day, making plans and doing the other 'important' things. But happiness is all around me, every day of the year. Sometimes less than the previous one, but never always.

Birthdays are a symbol of the fortunate day you were born, when everything was pure. But the symbol is now more of a meaningless reminder. It's good to have a day for yourself to do anything you want, but it is seldom so. One day of the year to always be perfect, especially on the pre decided one is just grasping at straws. So overlooking the day, as it's the reason beneath it that matters, embracing is the least which can be done.

It would be nice if each birthday was an Extraordinary Day.  Most birthdays probably will be. But on some birthdays there'll be utter chaos, nothing will go as planned. But on that day, it will not be that a wonderful  day was lost, but that an ordinary day just passed by and an awesome one lies in wait.
Today had its fair share of mishaps and some glitches too, but that’s okay, because I don’t need to have the Perfect Birthday in order to have a happy birthday.
Thanks to everyone I know for making this day wonderful, and the others.
"But a birthday is just another day.  Enjoy it, but have some perspective and find the joy in the other 364 days of the year." -Anne


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