Thursday, March 21, 2013

Humble Bundle: Every Gamer's Utopia

That's the entire gaming community coming together
Imagine going to a bookstore full of wonderful underrated books and you could pay whatever you wanted for them. The best part, the money would go to a charity.

Now this is not happy illusion, but an actual thing..except with video games. The thing is real innovation and demands applaud from every part of your soul. In a world full of greedy companies and cunning gaming corporations, indie developers show the way towards freedom.

This is one of those things that makes you respect online strangers even more. How long have you thought that a particular game was great but not priced accordingly? Now you can make open payment a reality.

The concept is pretty easy to understand as well as unique. They promote a game every week(for Mac, Windows and Linux) and people an pay anything they want for the games in that period. The limit for acquiring Steam keys is a measly 1$ and that too because some spammers had to try and ruin the system and fake create thousands of accounts to pay .01$(the previous limit) and get steam keys for other purposes.

You can choose how much of the money you pay goes to charity and how much to the developers(plus some tip for those of you feeling extraordinarily generous).
There are multiple ways to pay for games and they are all quite simple. After that, it's a free ride to a better conscience AND an awesome game!

The developers earn money on their games during these few days only by the generosity of the internet gamers. Also, people who may have wanted the game but thought the price wasn't just, can now pay what they think is reasonable, or up to their capabilities. Even better, the same people can determine what the developers earn and what the charities get.

I hear your skeptic mind saying-'But these games must not be good enough'. For those of you who may yet have doubts, I present to you these intuitive games that the company has allowed custom payment on for in the past couple of years:

Yes, this game too

All these games are top quality indie games that you can otherwise buy from various stores online.
Even better, the games are not DRM protected.

Now, I urge every person reading this to give their website a quick glance, and hopefully buy something+support a charity. And to the teenagers reading this, get your parents online, tell them about the amazingly simple concept and ask them to take part in this, just so that these types of things become more common.

Their current humble bundle, Bastion is the best rpg in years and has a breathtaking atmosphere as well as an unique storyline with interesting twists and a great soundtrack . Bastion is available for another 5 days on Humble bundle's website. Go on, be quick about it! I assure you, you'll be playing the fames knowing that you helped the world be a better place.

At the time of posting this article, about 110,204.46$ has been collected and the game Bastion downloaded 42,020 times.

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