Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shifting The Blame: DJs at fault?

This is going to be a pretty short and to the point post.

The game of which 7 billion people are a part of.
You may or may not have heard of the Australian DJ prank debacle, depending on which rock you live under, and seen the increasingly agitated comments by strangers who haven't even gotten around to understanding the situation(I doubt many even know what the 'prank' was) and are just joining in on the blame wagon to absurdistan. If you haven't, read this CNN news report.

To sum it all up in one sentence, a nurse was prank called by two DJs pretending to get some news about Kate Middleton. No harm no foul, right? Well, surprisingly, no. She committed suicide three days later.

The family of the nurse who killed herself after the Aussie radio prank are blaming the DJs for her death. While the death may be tragic and redundant, the original hypocrites are now assaulting the DJs instead of observing this little piece of logical nugget - 'It was just a prank'. The reasoning of the suicide is beyond any theory as long as you consider the prank call. But bring depression and actual stress to the scenario, and voila! logic reappears.

Everyone's got their own problems, but leaving your kids to die and your family to suffer, not to mention ruining the whole careers of these DJs, is just selfish and cowardly. What is really astounding about this situation is that people are blaming them directly and posting on every news site that those two should kill themselves,, which is kinda like killing the bystanders to mourn the death of a victim. The only way these DJs should be blamed is if they already knew she was going to kill herself after the call and called her anyway with the intent of causing her death. So in other words, if the DJs were time travellers. And this is not even a Scientology meeting.

People have found a new phrase to try to stop the defenders of free speech - 'What if you were in her place?'. And what kind of place is that? Where I decide to kill myself without giving a single thought to my children and a (hopefully) loving family. Yes, if I were in her place, I'd rather someone have beat me in the spirit world rather than causing my suicide to guilt and assault other people and ruin their lives.

Now people find themselves thinking, 'Well, they don't get a free pass though. If they hadn't called her, she might not have died'. You know what else might have stopped her tragic death?
Here, I made a  list in a couple of minutes to counter the absurd reductive logic of people blaming the Djs for the accidental death of the nurse:

Stupid people, expelliarmus!
  1. King Edward VII Hospital had a call screening staff.
  2. The media didn't exploit the news to repeat it every single hour for days.
  3. Hypocritical readers who revel in reading suspicious and fake internet websites didn't obsess with Kate Middleton's personal life.
  4. If the world had ended before she died, like it was supposed to.
  5. Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the first commercially successful telephone
Whoever you think is to blame, you're wrong. 
If anyone had intentionally called her to try and send subtle messages to kill her, I will back down on my position. But until there is no proof of Alexander Graham Bell having a secret plan of a chain of falling dominoes to kill this woman, all the hypocritical cowards can try and read actual news.

Wow, this was not a short post.



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