Sunday, July 29, 2012

Don't Blame The Movie

When James Holmes shot 12 innocent lives to death in Aurora, Colorado, media was quick to report that it was a Batman screening high on violence. He was also 'quoted' as calling himself The Joker, even when no evidence pointed to the way. This random act of violence was immediately given the treatment of a blockbuster. Every trivial scene of the previous movies was magnified, but no reasoning can justify the bloodcurdling actions of the gunner.


The media makelook the deranged killers as some genius supervillains, plastering the pictures of murderers like Jesse James and Charles Manson on newspapers and talking about their exaggerated, self made theory on the killers minds, like their childhoods had a life-altering effect on their brain. It makes the tormentor the victim, by blaming a few old mental scars and a brainwashing movie. Don’t be surprised if every kid who gets pushed around has a new idol.

We go to movies to escape the reality. To relax from yesterday's work and ignore tomorrow's. people with guns have attacked schools, daycare centres, parties — anywhere that people congregate, no matter how sacred or special. There is no logical reason to think that a movie theater would be safe from random acts of insanity.

The Dark Knight contains many scenes of violence, and the implied body count is high, but I don’t recall seeing a drop of blood spilled, or Batman ever using guns. Christopher Nolan goes as long as to portray guns as a weakness. The gunman was looking for a crowd and some attention, and he found both at the summer’s biggest blockbuster.

But whatever you do, do not confuse a grim movie with real-world violence. And don’t turn a cowardly killer into a supervillain. A person who opens fire in a crowded theater is a sociopath, a punk and nothing more. Not one bit. 
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