Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Accepting Apathy, Really What We Need?

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We're a generation raised not to feel. Someone beats you on the playground? You do not fight back. Someone curses you? You do not abuse him back, you stay silent and let it simmer. Someone backstabs you at work? You do nothing, because it is work and not an emotional circus. Nobody cares about anything anymore. Sure, you see a few freaks fighting for the cause of others, or some retards trying to make this world less of a shithole, but those people are morons AMIRIGHT?! Who cares if the world is going to shit, you just live out your life peacefully, that's what matters. Much like most things we humans don't like, we have successfully romanticized the idea of not giving a fuck, about everything.

The world is broken, ain't anything you can do about that now, can you. Nobody has the time to listen
to your sob story, it's just one droplet in the universe of oceans. Apathy is the unsaid topic everyone understands, but not many dare say out loud. After all, what are we but faceless creatures roaming the Earth, taking the form of whatever suits our wants best. Older generation likes to associate that with the internet, the loss of connection. But we lost the human touch a long time ago.

The world is broken. It is broken because we break it everyday. What is an ocean, but a multitude of droplets? Is this empathy towards apathy that's leading to humanity's dissociation? Each human is an individual sentient being, that's not a phrase to throw lightly. It is not the lack of connectivity, but the lack of will to connect that harbors alienation. The motto of the new world is 'Well, at least I didn't try".

People justify this apathy by lying to themselves, that they don't want to prod into other people's lives, that it is okay to sacrifice human contact for achieving ambitions. Other people are aliens and we are in the wrong fucking galaxy, You're not apathetic anymore, you're jaded. You no longer 'not care about anything', you are cynical. You do not inherently distrust people, you're a skeptic. It is hypocritical for me to say this because I am all three of them, depending on how you look, but not false either.

Just like Hitler made jews monsters, and white men made blacks the force of evil long before that, is reducing the identities of people really what we need right now?
Not caring about anything, not giving a fuck, people use it as a shield to block the common element of any kind of relationship that they long for. It's like a tv show they don't like, but don't hate either, it just runs in the background, replacing static with blaring noises. Everyone's living the life of insomnia, one that doesn't end at not being able to sleep.

Now, annihilating apathy won't make this world sugar and spice and everything nice, but it sure will
help to initiate that pathway. Do not mistake, humans want to believe in making the world a better place more than anything. It's an instinct that we never completely acted upon. The idea gives us warmth, but no one tries to find its source. For it is not apathy that is as dangerous as its general acceptance in the world. Apathy or empathy, that's the choice that lies in front of us, but we're in no hurry to choose any one of them.

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