Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Sound Of Music

                                                             Requim for a dream
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Music is said to be just a vibration in the air, a resonance of notes. But it is much more than that. It is an omnipresent voice, an adamantine chain that binds us together. It has the power of healing scarred mental wounds, dispersing a riot of thoughts and merging the potential of hope.
Music has the calming and soothing effect nothing like the ordinary.
It is the sound of breathing, a way of facile thinking and the obvious tone of speaking.
Music has the capability of binding a prejudiced nation, helping find friends amidst the strangest of crowds and a foundation of familiarity. It may be in any genre, language and yet convey a thousand words accompanied by a simple tune. Music is how our emotions sound and our thoughts speak up.
Music provides us with hope in the darkest of moments, strength in the bleakest of scenarios and an inner power in the worst of circumstances.
 As long as music is my companion, I won't ever be alone.
A simple song can resemble our lives, it can coincident our thoughts, as the song reaches its chaotic orgasm.
The climax is personified to our actions, an uncensored epitome of freedom that cannot be obstructed by the petty factors of the 'reality' of the society and the world.



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